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L&D PROFESSIONALS OF GREATER PHILADELPHIA       Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Better Training, Yo!

Board of Directors

Josh Maleeff - Co-Founder, Co-President, and Count de Money

John Luczkowski - Co-Founder, Co-President, and Dance Leader

Drew Albert - Vice-President, Sponsor Lead, Prayer Master

Steering Committee

Jenna Gallagher - Social Media Manager & Twitter Queen

Theresa Hummel-Krallinger - Laughologist and Networker in Chief

Ken Blackwell-Leadership/Team Development | Best LinkedIn Tagline

Liz Nover - Learning Guru and Sage (and Paprika)

Dr. Michael Brenner - Copy King and Snazzy Harmonizer

Susan McMenaim - Director of Human Resources and Shuffleboard

Gus Prestera - Business/Entrepreneurship Expert; Wiz(ard) or Wizout

Steering Committee Emeritus

Hannah Hartwell - Co-Founder and Original Cheerleader!

Marian Gigliotti - Dean of Studies

Dr. Brandi Baldwin-Rana - Entrepreneur and Millennial Whisperer

Harrisburg University is a proud sponsor of L&D Philadelphia, offering Master’s degrees, certificate programs or individual courses in Instructional Design, Instructional Management, or Games and Simulations. Visit their website to discover more.

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