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February Workshop - The 6D's of Breakthrough Learning

  • 4 Feb 2017
  • 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Gerri C. LeBow Hall (Drexel University) Room 408, 3220 Market Street Philadelphia, PA 19104


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The Six Most Important Things You Can Do to Make Learning More Valuable.


It doesn’t matter how great your training is.  It doesn’t matter how much people learn.  If learning doesn’t get transferred and used to improve performance, then, from the business’s perspective, the training failed. Learning transfer has moved into the forefront of issues in training and development.  While new technologies have given us greater options than ever for delivering content, learning transfer remains the Achilles’ Heel of training and development.  If learners don’t transfer and apply what they learned to their work, then their performance doesn’t improve, and the learning produces little or no value. In this session, you will learn the six most important things you can do to drive transfer and make learning more valuable.   You will be introduced to the 6Ds used by the most effective learning organizations to guarantee learning transfer:

D1: Define Business Outcomes

D2: Design the Complete Experience

D3: Deliver for Application

D4: Drive Learning Transfer

D5: Deploy Performance Support

D6: Document Results


You’ll find out how organizations around the world are using The 6Ds to drive business results from training.  You will learn new tools and practical ideas for implementing the 6Ds as well as the opportunity to ask questions and to share best practices with other learning professionals. And you will be able to:  

  • Explain the 6Ds concepts and their importance to their learning and business colleagues
  • Takes immediate steps to implement 6Ds concepts in in their organization
  • Increase learning transfer and the business impact of training in their organizations.

After the event, Andy will be recording a podcast with us to answer any questions that you have after the session.

Andy Jefferson is the Chief Executive Officer of the 6Ds Company in Wilmington, Delaware, and a recognized expert in the transfer and application of corporate learning. Andy is an accomplished executive with a career spanning both operational and legal roles.

Andy is co-author of the first and second editions of the highly acclaimed Six Disciplines of Breakthrough Learning: How to Turn Training and Development into Business Results (Pfeiffer, 2006, 2010) which was selected as one of the 50 Best Business Books for 2006 by Business Book Reviews.

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