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Open Mic 2018 Edition - Free & Low Cost Resources

  • 10 Nov 2018
  • 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM
  • TBD


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Moment of Truth: Not all business professionals get access to unlimited budgets. Okay, no one really does. Somewhere, sometime, we all end up searching for a tool or resource to help us get the job done. Not all tools, though, bring the same value. And every job requires a different tool or toolkit. So where can we find the best free or low-cost resources to help us achieve our goals? Well, we could spend countless hours searching on the internet. Or posting in vein on LinkedIn. But wouldn't it be awesome to find things from our peers - to hear and see what others use when their budgets run dry?

Join the Learning & Development professionals for this one of a kind event in November. Open mic time! Bring your favorite tool(s) and get 5-7 minutes to talk about it in front of your peers, showcasing how it works and how it helps you claim "mission accomplished". Topics include:

  • Project Management Tools
  • Timelines
  • e-Learning Development Tools
  • Other development tools
  • Audio/Video editing
  • Text to speech tools
  • Stock - Photos, Video, Sound, etc - 
  • Budget & project tracking
  • Other ideas?

Everyone who registers and wants to demo a product - please contact us at info@ldphilly.com We'll provide you with a rubric to follow so you stay within your allotted time and provide the most value to your peers as you demonstrate your wares. 

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